The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

One of the joys of The Walking Dead is the smattering of brand ads for AMC. The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead phone game. The 2-screen The Walking Dead. Into The Badlands. Talking Dead. So be just a little more patient. 2 more minutes.

Sasha and Rosita make a run for the sanctuary. Sasha slips the fence, on a virtual suicide mission, leaving Rosita behind. She turns around only to see Dwight. shadowed at first, standing in her path. Sasha solicits a “way out” from Eugene.

One more commercial, for Fear The Walking Dead.

When TWD wants to make an episode they really make an episode.

Sasha, bathed in pitch-black, is reliving her last conversation with Abraham.

Dwight is being held, with a gun to hit head, in Alexandria by Rick et al., he says that he wants to help fight Negan. Risk asks the obvious question of why Dwight does not do the job from the inside, to which Dwight gives the obvious answer that all of the Saviors are Negan–they must all be destroyed.

Ultimately, it is up to Darryl, who now has a knife in Dwigh’ts face, to decide if Dwight is to be trusted. Against Tara’s objections (shes still bent outta shape about Denise), Darryl gives him a chance– though he tells Rick that no matter what he will kill Dwight.

The war has officially  begun. Alexandria knows when the Saviors will be arriving. The Scavengers aka the junkyard people aka the garbage pail kids, roll up on their bikes and in their garbage trucks.

Maggie, now leading Hilltop must decide their course of action.

The Kingdom is on the move, led by carol. God, it feels good to see her back in body armor with an automatic rifle. They stumble across Morgan, who is in a rough spot, but after holding court with Ezekiel, rejoins the ranks.

Sasha is loaded into a casket by Negan to serve as a hostage.

In roll the saviors, Eugenes voice droning out of a megaphone, trying to negotiate.

Negotiations end abruptly when Rick asks to speak to Negan. Rick needs to stop asking for Negan. Eugene gives the obvious answer.

Rosita has wired explosives at the entrance to Alexandria. Detonator in hand. Rick mauls it over in his head, and gives Rosita the look.

Burn, Eugene!

Rosita hits the button.

Nothing happens.

Jadis puts a gun to Rick’s head.

and then…


The Junkyard

Who are? Not it comics. Take; do not bother. Whisperers? Took Gabrielle. Rick found junkyard. Surrounded by people that talk little. Dress in Yeezy clothes. Led by Jadis. Bad haircut and guns. Rick want. Saviors own Rick so Jadis can not hurt. Saviors will find and kill. Gabrielle makes deal. Uses good PR skills. Says Saviors have supplies that Scavengers can take. To make deal Rick must go up up up. Rick meets Winslow.  Winslow has special.l Rick Hurts hand. Rick kills Winslow. Jadis makes deal.  Will fight for one-third of what Saviors have. Rick gets Gabrielle and junkyard cat. Needs guns to fight.

Maybe reckless for Rick to trust. Rick impulsive. Wonder what timeline is. Some seasons 6 months, some 2 weeks. Many congruent events. No scope of time. Maggie looks same. Pieces fitting for war. Many different with one goal: kill Negan. How? How to work together? Many die?  Societies evolving. First new county. So soon to fight for others. Maybe used to in the old world. Peace through war? Eliminating enemy is security.

What if you are the enemy? In the Kingdom Morgan kills one who killed for diffidence. No one has peace. If there is not peace there is war war war.


When you were pouring the Bisquick…

I fell off the blog wagon! Minus the hit on my grade that I am going to take, all is well. All is actually really well. My wife is pregnant! 12 weeks today. Season 7 is over and the world is different all over again. Next week I will return to the blog and we will talk all about the garbage pail kids and haircut.

I will spoil that finale a little, but just a little. The question is finally asked. In an exchange with Maggie, overlooking a golden-sun-kissed field, Sasha asks “Why are we here?”

The question is so simple, but endless. Why are we at the Hilltop? Why are we in this position? Why are we still even alive? What is the point of being alive?

I never cared about zombie flicks too much. I would watch them to see their depiction of SHTF, but I never cared about the zombies.  The closest I had seen to a zombie franchise that moved me was 28 Days Later. This is not surprising at it was inspired by Godspeed You Black Emperor’s F#A# infinity, my favorite record. Children of Men did well. So did the Hunger Games. Dystopia. The opposite of everything that we strive for. The existential break down that comes with the societal breakdown has always intrigued me. What connections go first? Does a man become an island? 

If I were in the TWD universe, I think I would drive myself insane asking why.  Why pour the Bisquick? Because you can make biscuits.

The Sanctuary

The bashing is finally done! Problem is, Negan has taken off with Daryl. Daryl is held in a cell in the Saviors main compound, the Sanctuary. It is some sort of steel manufacturing facility…of course. Think the last scene of Terminator 2 (not just the outfits)

Over the course of a few days/weeks? Dwight attempts to break Daryl. Also, Carl stops by real quick.

Daryl and Dwight have history. Dwight had try to run from the saviors and had come across Darryl and yada yada I don’t remember, Dwight went back to the Saviors and the whole thing is just a mess. He killed Denise with Daryl’s crossbow, aiming for Daryl.  Drama. The Sanctuary might as well be a soap opera. Negan has a handful of wives, maybe 5, one of which was Dwight’s. Trouble in Savior paradise.

Thanks to a wee bit of love-triangle-turmoil, Sherry, Dwight’s wife, makes a break for it and passes Darryl a key on the way out. Darryl sneaks out and takes out sweet Savior Fat Joey. RIP Fat Joey. You were playing a game you didn’t understand.

Why do the Saviors put up with Negan? Security by any means. Some of the Saviors are content to be cogs in the wheel and stick to life inside the Sanctuary, working for points towards commissary. Others like being bad guys. I get it.  Some could feel satisfaction by participating in security by any means.

Competition, diffidence, glory.

Speaking of, with Daryl’s escape, Rick and Maggie and his gun reunite!

Man and his quarrel!


While Abraham and Glenn were getting bashed and Carol and Morgan were going to the Kingdom, Tara and Heath had set off on a supply run. Remember watching every horror movie or episode of Scooby Doo and the gang says “Let’s split up!”? Yeah, stuff like this always happens. We met Tara in season 3-4ish…she was a member of the Governor’s community Woodbury, and after the prison fight joined team Rick. She’s aight. Her girlfriend, Denise, was killed by the Saviors so she will have a chip on her shoulder.

Heath is an Alexandrian who hasn’t done much and ends up being kidnapped. With one episode left in S7, this has still not been resolved so we’re not going to waste too much time talking about him.

After jumping into an inlet to escape a hoard of walkers, Tara ends up washed up and unconscious on a beach. This is the first time the coast has been mentioned in the show (I think…it’s been a while) which is interesting. Don’t forget that they are on the eastern coast in the Virginia/DC area.

Tara is discovered by a group that consists of all women. The Saviors killed every male in their group (children and all) leaving the women to fend for themselves. They retreated to the woods, stored their arms, and tried to live as peacefully as they could. Notice that was all past tense. With a large cache of weapons in the post-apocalypse peace is just an idea. Tara escapes but is left with a dilemma: to protect the women of Oceanside, or offer up their location to serve as a means to defeat Negan. While the answer seems obvious there is a catch…Tara was on her supply run when Denise, Glenn and Abraham were killed. Tick, tock.

The Kingdom

While Glenn and Abraham were getting bashed, Carol has run off on her own again, with Morgan going after her. We first meet Morgan in season 1; currently he is a member of the group. Morgan decided the best way to cope with the new world was to practice Aikido and strive for peace. How sweet! Anyways, Carol has a run in with some Saviors. She kills a handful but if tracked down by  survivor an is tortured before being saved by Morgan (who in this instance decides that it is justified to take a life to save a life.  A member of the Kingdom witnesses this offers the duo sanctuary.

King Ezekiel doth speak in the style of a time forgone and runs his domain accordigly. His graying dreadlocks whisper of  a time past and his pet tiger , Sheeva serves as his companion and mascot. A strong man with both cunning and grace, he seeks peace within his walls and with the Saviors. His garde is loyal to their king and his mission, for they know that he must govern and protect. How heavy would the crown lie if he had one.  Lord Rick of Alexandria has proposed war with the Saviors, a proposal that would levy heavy losses for the Kingdom. Most troubing yet, many under the King’s sovereign do not know of the Saviors and their loot of the Kingdom’s bounty.  Will the king take arms against a sea of trouble?